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Hurray! You can now register to Railscamp Polska

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Hurray! You can now register to Railscamp Polska

Hurray! You can now register to Railscamp Polska (it's going to be AWESOME!). To do so, just follow this link to a Google Form.

Once you've filled it in, expect an email from us around Thursday March 17th where we will let you know if 
you've made it. Good luck!


Monday March 14th UPDATE:

Ladies and gentlemen, it's a reminder that the Railscamp Polska registration will start tonight at 7pm CET.  Before we launch it (it will be a nice, user friendly Google Spreadsheet, no credit cards required), there are few things you should know:

* We have 46 tickets and a huge demand. Book some time to answer few simple registration questions. Based on your timing and your answers, we will notify you if you managed to get in by this Thurday (March 17th). 

* There's no registration fee. However, as you arrive in Wisła, we will ask you for a fun/beer/treats donation of 50 PLN (yes, EUR 12!).


Friday March 11t UPDATE:

Attention Rails lovers!

It's official (and 99% sure) - the registration to Railscamp Polska will launch on Monday, March 14th at 7pm CET. Railscamp will be cheap and affordable. Unfortunately, the number of tickets is very limited so we encourage everyone to try to get one for themselves quick!


We have great news for all fans of Rails!  The very first Polish Railscamp will take place very soon, on the weekend of 8-10 April 2011. It’s gonna take place in the beautiful Polish town of Wisła (this very venue to be precise). The camp will be cheap, open for geeks from Europe and it’s gonna be a lot of fun!

What is Railscamp all about? Coding, talking, playing Guitar Hero (PlayStation, voleyball – you get the point), sharing, socializing, going for a nice walk in the mountains. So pretty much whatever everyone feels like!

Sounds interesting? The registration date as well as more details will be announced this Friday. The number of attendees is unfortunately limited so make sure you follow the Friday’s instructions. See you in Wisła and stay tuned.


  • Mariusz Wyrozębski
    Mariusz Wyrozębski 21/03/2011 10:29

    Any update on the date when we can confirm getting on board? 17th passed already so there is a need to confirm a day off for April 8th if needed.


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